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Growponics UK LTD Web Design

Growponics, Ltd. is registered in the UK. The company’s business is building and operating agriculture projects in the UK, Continental Europe, Asia, North & South America and the rest of the world. Subsidiary partnerships include Growponics Americas, Growponics Hong Kong and Growponics Israel.

Internet Happens provided a complete web site makeover for Growponics UK utilizing the WordPress CMS framework providing a highly dynamic, database driven solution.

Growponics Hydroponic Success Thanks To The Web

Growponics Americas Website Design Oklahoma web design company Internet Happens started working with Growponics Americas, LLC in January 2010, with the idea of bringing their hydroponic greenhouse technology to the United States. Internet Happens assisted Growponics in the development of their business and marketing plan, website and social media, and have been recently awarded the contract to manage their product packaging and digital marketing strategy.

Internet Happens launched the Growponics Americas website in March 2010. Since the launch, they have closed over $120 million in technology contracts to design and build fully-automated hydroponic greenhouses that use modern, proprietary Israeli agronomic technology, to maximize food/plant production and profitability of crop yields, grown 365 days a year.

The contracts include Texas, Indiana, Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming and Montana. Currently Growponics is in negotiations for territory licenses in Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas and Tennessee. International Deals include Singapore, Bahamas Caribbean, Hong Kong and Australia. All of these opportunities were created and started as leads from the Growponics Americas website.

For more information on Growponics Americas or buying a technology license, contact Sam Bein at